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Web Solution – New Range of Textile Ecommerce Solutions

With the advent of the Technology Era, we have developed a range of E commerce solutions that provide a rich visual experience to our clients. We offer comprehensive range of web solutions that would bring a transformation in textile and fashion industry. Our Web Solutions will help you respond quickly to new technology, and provide a WOW shopping experience to your customers.

Tailor - I

Tailor I

An e-commerce solution that helps you to engage customers, boost sales and revenues. Incorporating every detail of garment, Tailor I allows you to co-create custom suits and garments from a wide array of designs, fabrics, textile patterns, tailoring styles, and other intricate details.
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Web Showroom

Web Showroom

A NextGen online 3D store that enables realistic 3D mapping and fabric draping. A unique and innovative platform that allow users to fully lev erage the power of web. Web Showroom supports the 3D fabric draping of a wide range of elements, including furniture, beds, curtains, human models, and more.
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Dressing Room


StyleMe is a mix and match technology based application built on large capacitive touchscreens , allowing users to not just view apparels, but also select, mix and match , and virtually drape them to establish their unique identity through an equally unique ensemble. Designed on augmented reality principles ,dressing room is an innovative solution revolutionizing the textile and fashion industry.
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Innovative, Infinite Textiles E-commerce solutions for all your designing needs.

Web Solutions for Textiles with 3d design engines. We also provide 3d textile softwares that enhance your work experience and creativity multifold. Thereby helping you to take your businesses to greater heights and target a greater customer pool.

Exhaustive textile and apparel designs can be created our softwares that have every conceivable tool. They can also be stored permanently. Thus easy and unrestricted access to anything, anywhere. We are favored by a multitude of talented textile designers who prefer that all relevant information is available at a glance.