Web Showroom - A Virtual Draping of Products

A NextGen online 3D store that enables realistic 3D mapping and fabric draping. A unique and innovative platform that allows users to fully leverage the power of web. Web Showroom supports the 3D fabric draping of a wide range of elements, including furniture, beds, curtains, human models, and more.

Now let your users enjoy the power of online texture mapping. Be it any product, they can drape it with different fabrics, textures and colors. Based on 3D engine, web showroom lets you define your product more creatively and enables you draping of various fabric and textures instantly. Not restricted to companies with products like furniture, carpets, wallpapers but fabric oriented companies can even present their fabric designs on different products. This online 3D store will standardize the level of your presentation and enhance your user's online experience by letting them customize their products. Working on 3D texture mapping principle, web showroom provides a rich visual experience to your customers thereby increasing your sales. With 3D mapping being the prime focus of our web solution, we offer variety of texture mapping tools and services that would add value to your product presentation.

Select Product


An e-commerce solution that helps you customize your products. Web Showroom transcends beyond automatic image colorization, allowing a lifelike 3D texture mapping.

Let your customers select, customize and modify your products with different fabric designs, textures, colors etc. Every product is presented in high quality with rich visualization. Simple user interface that allows your customers to select product from a wide range, and enable them to customize it accordingly.

Choose Fabrics


Choose your desired fabric swatch, and watch it transform into the final product form, with just a click.

Fabric Designs of relative product are displayed instantly once the product is selected. Simply select the product, choose the required fabric swatch from the library and watch it getting draped. 3D fabric draping tool provides a rich and realistic visual of your products that thereby increasing customer engagement.

Virtually Drape


Visualize and configure every product. Experience the look, texture and quality of your products online in real time, instantly!

A level of satisfaction will be given to your customers as they get the opportunity to virtually drape products with different designs before buying. Web showroom provides a realistic and virtual mapping of your products with great combination facility that would enable companies to enter the world of e-commerce solutions thereby adding profit to their business.

Webshowroom Collection Images

Web Showroom provides you a compelling shopping experience, like never before. Interactively pick your desired fabric swatch, and watch it transform it into the final product form, with just a click. With Web Showroom, you can make informed decisions, without any surprises or compromises.

The biggest challenge of textile and fashion e-commerce is to be able to address consumers’ need to evaluate how a fabric would look in real life. Textronics provides the ultimate solution, Web Showroom, an online 3D store to display, manage, recolor, visualize your product images and designs. This helps your customers experience the look, texture and quality of your products online in real time, instantly! Web Showroom eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process for exhibiting your products, including arranging for photo shoots, venues, models, etc.
Web Showroom also helps you overcome the limitations of a physical store, such as storing, retrieving and displaying. Don’t leave anything to your customer’s imagination; flaunt your products in the style they bespeak.


• Realistic and virtual mapping with lifelike creases, shades and highlights
• Endless combinations
• Custom product configurators
• Flexible data
• Personalized marketing
• Easy integration
• Concierge service and support
• Long-term stability
• Attract, engage and retain customers
• Gain cost- and time-efficiency
• Enhance sales

What’s better than a mall? An Online 3d store

Much more important than the cut of the cloth and styling, is the essence of the apparel. It brings to life the colour and quality. That is the beauty of fabric designs, they are the very core of any type of cloth. We give you the power to choose how you want your fabrics to look and feel, through our cutting edge online texture mapping schemes. We have put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and thereby come up with realistic and virtual mapping to cater to all their wants and demands pertaining to 3d texture mapping.

Our wide range texture mapping tools and services enable systematic feedback and correction as and when required. These tools are what the contemporary designers use for making and matching fabrics. These tools and services include dynamic 3d fabric draping that enables the viewer to clearly note how the corners ad niches of the fabric will look on actual use.