TryON - A Retail Innovation

Try On is an augmented reality based virtual dressing room for retail and e-commerce platform giving your customers an immerse visual connection with your products, thereby enriching their shopping experience.

At times we do realize that retailers do not understand their customers choice and fail to provide them with what they need, this indeed disappoints the customer. Moreover physically wearing each garment and then deciding for the best is a hectic work to do. It is very true that understanding shoppers’ behavior and their satisfaction is the main key for a successful business. Its time, retailers realize that as people and their lifestyle is going digital ,they should be offered with a technology that will give them a digital shopping experience. Keeping this in mind Textronics has launched TryOn, a virtual fitting room that allows shoppers to virtually try on clothes on themselves without physically trying them. This augmented reality dressing room saves customers time from long queue outside the trial room and helps huge income yield for the retailers thereby increasing sales. TryOn is the first Indian virtual trail room that reads human gestures, virtually drapes garment on the user's body, giving a comfortable option to purchase clothes for your stores. Also known as magic mirror, this retail based solution allows people to try on maximum product of their choice in less time. Be it dresses, shirts, trousers, or traditional wear like sarees, lehenga choli , salwar kameez , TryOn is the one stop solution that increases sales growth of your retailing business as well as provide convenient shopping experience for buyers. People can see themselves in a virtually unlimited variety of garments,which is a clear sign that shopping is redefining. Along with the virtual try on of clothes , this next generation fitting room provides a unique and innovative facility that enables customers to capture their picture with the virtually draped garment. This indeed makes the user feel like the owner of the garment even before purchasing it. Not only this but the advance technology includes a motion capture software captures human gestures and clicks up their pic instantly. Moreover this advance dressing room allows your customers to capture their picture and even share it among their friends, family and relatives through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As required by the retailers, Textronics provide this solutions on both the platforms offline and online. So now your user can even try it online and can shop from their comfort zone easily. This even adds value and marks the presence of your retailing business in the e-commerce platform that deals with online fitting room. TryOn is definitely the best solutions for your business.

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Try On digitally manages your limitless product options ensuring ease of access and allows you better IN Store merchandise display, enabling a rich visual experience.

Retailers know it best that how difficult it is to set up stores with a good visual display. A good visual merchandise is one of the key features that attract customers to the stores. Arrangement of the garment colors, themes, and ordering should appeal subtle and catch customers attention. It takes time to set up a nice visual display, moreover after the visit of every customers the shop employees have to rearrange each and every garment again and again which is somewhere frustrating at times. With the combination of augmented reality clothing and TryOn your stores visual display is no more a trouble. It reduces the effort for a standard visual merchandise, attracts shoppers as well as increases the value of your store.

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Rich Virtual

Rich User Interface that reads “Human Gestures” enables your customer to visualize his selected garments by simple wave swipe gesture giving a unique experience of customer engagement.

An application with such a rich user interface provides complete ease and convenience to the shoppers that they don't have to be qualified to use this application. Any common user can access this application easily. The style, look and easy to use interface engages more customers thereby increasing sales of your business. Shoppers just have to swipe every garment and it easily fits their body. Moreover every garment that appears on the screen has a rich visual and is true to the actual appearance. Its a 3D mirror with rich virtual experience that makes shopping fun

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Better Store

With virtual fitting room the usage of trail is reduced thereby ensuring less damage to the inventory. A choice of trying maximum products in less time with rich visualization is an additional factor for a better store management.

It takes lot of time and hard work to re-manage and reset the garments back. In huge shopping malls or stores we see clothes kept any where in the trial room that spoils them. This again leads to dry cleaning the clothes, re washing them etc. Our virtual mirror plays a major role in solving these issues. It updates all the latest stock of garments and displays it on screen so that shoppers are aware of the new stock available in your store. As it is a virtual fitting room, ratio of mishandled garments is automatically reduce which directly reduces the cost of maintaining them. Also the selected items can be added into the cart , the total details can be printed and forward at the store owner easily.


Increase in Sales

Based on augmented reality shopping , Try On empowers your customer with a Virtual Trail Room that will subsequently make the entire shopping a lucrative business with better customer recall and retention hence increasing your sales.

The profit of every business is based on the customer satisfaction and that's the reason why retail should step into the virtual world of shopping. TryOn provides the best platform that overcomes issues faced by retailers and moreover focuses on their customers as well. Its a unique technology that reduces most of the manual effort of store owners, employees and at the same time focuses on the customer's satisfaction. By providing customers a clear picture of how your product fits in, TryOn increases confidence in the act of purchase and reduce product return rates, restocking, mishandling and increase in customer engagement thereby increasing sales.


Consumer Advantage
An innovative technology that allow users to easily try on variety of garments, without physically wearing them. Consumers can virtually drape any garment on themselves and can even share it through social media like facebook, twitter etc.

Retailer Advantage
With Tryon retailers can share a seamless omni-channel facility with the customer and can boost product purchase variety. This virtual dressing room enables upgraded client engagement, and leads to a far better returns on marketing efforts. Its the next generation of interactivity with your consumers as it provides new ways for them to visualize and interact with products and brands.


Rich product visual experience
• Gesture Controlled user interface
• Try on variety of clothes without visiting the trial room
• Facility to publish details on Face book, share via email or even print
• Customization tools with innovative retail marketing technology
• Rich product visual experience
• Cloud database technology, unlimited products catalog
• Maximum product trail facility in less time
• Powerful back-end admin panel to help you fully maintain without external help
• Social Sharing facility

Save Time and energy: use a virtual dressing room

A computer can be so much more than a machine. An augmented reality solutions for fashion retailers becomes consumer's magic portal to a wondrous world, with an all inclusive virtual wardrobe and a 3d online dressing room. There’s absolutely no need to put the clothes on physically to see how they will look, the virtual fitting room will do that for you and all in the click of a button.

In real life, when we go to stores and malls, and want to try on clothes, we can be sure of waiting in long lines and changing in small, cramped rooms. How we wish to save time and also change in comfort. There’s no need to wish any longer, an online fitting room gives you just that and much more. It uses state of the art motion capture software to make this possible, in the virtual life.