Tailor I - Made 2 Measure Solutions

An e-commerce solution that helps you to engage customers, boost sales and revenues. Incorporating every detail of garment, Tailor I allows you to co-create custom suits and garments from a wide array of designs, fabrics, textile patterns, tailoring styles, and other intricate details.

Create online tailor store with tailor I, the ultimate solution for your tailoring needs. One of the best e-commerce solutions that enables you to offer your clients customized tailoring services. Take your tailor store online , enabling clients the facility to design their own shirt, suit etc with the required measurements. Right from creating user profile, maintaining purchase history to payment gateway this e-commerce solution provides each and every option at an ease. A virtual tailoring shop is what this solution is all about. It enables us to choose fabrics, select product styles ,watch it drape on a virtual shirt or suit, enter body measurements and place orders. As tailors or retail brands this technology servers the advantages of better online presence, better sales, a defined work structure, and ease in maintaining customer records along with order and delivery details. This new age bespoke tailoring technology is based on 3D design engine that conveniently drapes different fabric designs on shirts, suits and other products. Not only this but it offers contrast fabric draping facility on different area of the product like cuffs, collars, plackets, lapels etc. It deals with the latest trend of customization that helps you increase your presence in the market. People have always been fond of tailored suits and garments but due to lack of time and today's multi-tasking life the value of tailored fit garments suffered. Now its time that people become a part of e-commerce solutions and get the right tailored fit garments without leaving their homes. People can now design their own clothes and can enjoy the power of web. This online tailor shop is a garment configurator that maintains each and every element (like cuffs, collars, plackets) and element types (like low collar, high collar, regular placket etc) of the product. Moreover it maintains the database of the latest trends, product styles, fabric designs etc. We at Textronics serve this application on various platforms like web, desktop, touch screen kiosk etc...

Select Style


Simple user interface to select Cuffs, Collars, Plackets, Lapels, Fits & more... configurator enables combining the selected elements and the garment is instantly visualised.

Lets the user select different element styles, and visualize it on the product. From slim fit to loose fit, from long sleeves to short sleeves, people can select different styles and can design their own shirt, suits etc. Each and every element is screen authored and get texture mapped with the selected fabric. Rich user interface lets people easily select products, styles and other minute details.

Select Fabrics


Fabrics can be categorized and stored as checks, stripes, structures. The selected fabric is instantly mapped in Shirt for final visualization...

All the latest fabrics can be uploaded and maintained in a fabric library. Each library contains fabric swatches for custom tailored shirts to custom tailored suits can be linked accordingly. All the updated fabrics are scanned, cropped and then uploaded. Each and every fabric is categorized based on its pattern, color, structure etc. It maintains a separate library of contrast fabrics as well that gets displayed at the time of creating a contrast look. A wide range of textile pattern and designs as per the stock will be made available in the library.

Made 2 Measure Shirts

Made 2 Measure

Tailor-i is the right solution for your company combining the configurator, measurement module and payment gateway enabling E-commerce for your Online Tailor Store.

Be it suits, shirts, or trousers, tailor I provides made to measure solutions for every product. Allow customers to visualize a wide range of made to measure shirts instantly. People do like garments that well fit their body structure. Keeping this in mind we provide a measurement option that includes 3 different types of measurement structure like : Standard measurement : Displays standard sizes Body Measurement : Allows user to enter their body measurement Shirt Measurement : Allows user to enter any shirt measurement that they have. It can be the you, your friend or anyone else, they can easily enter the measurements and get the best fitted shirt, suit ready accordingly.

Bespoke Suits


Get the right fit and look, with the click of your mouse – bespoke tailoring is back in fashion. You can visual create your unique ensemble of Suit, Trouser and inner jacket With a comprehensive design library of designs, features, styles and fitting options, Tailor I is an online 3D design engine that provides a novel tailoring experience to consumers.

Why to compromise on ready made garments when custom tailored clothing offers a best fit opportunity. Readymade suits rarely fit people and often need to be altered or lengthened. Get the perfect fit with custom made suits as bespoke tailoring is back in action. Design your own suit and customize minute details of suits like lapels, vents, buttons etc. Combination of a customized tailored suit with the perfect color, design and fit is revolutionizing the retail sector.

Advantages & Features

Get the right fit and look, with the click of your mouse – bespoke tailoring is back in fashion. With completely customizable features, Tailor I transforms your personal computer into a sophisticated virtual extension of your tailoring shop. You can bring out your distinctive fashion quotient, style your apparels, and be a trendsetter. Tailor I is constantly updated and modified to be in accord with the latest fashion trends, so you can always be in vogue.

• Design your garment yourself, by interactively trying a host of placket, pocket, cuff, sleeve, collar and other styles.
• Personalize with a monogram; customize fonts and placement of text
• View the 3D image of your tailored suit being developed in real time
• Avail a step-by-step guide to body measuring or pick up a standard size. Or simply choose from previously saved personal measurements!
• Place tailoring orders without stepping into a shop!

Tailor I, a bespoke e-commerce solution, helps you engage customers, boost sales and revenues. Incorporating every minute detail of tailoring, Tailor I enables you to co-create tailored suits and garments from a wide array of designs, fabrics, textile patterns, tailoring styles, and other intricate details.

• 3D design tailor engine with a comprehensive design and feature database
• Excellent sales (exclusive, safe and hassle-free) and marketing tool (SEO & Viral marketing)
• No extra plug-ins – Uploaded on your web server

The Future is an Online Tailor Store

Customization in clothing is no longer a farfetched notion. It is needed by more and more businesses today to satisfy their clientele. Tailor I is the answer to all their problems. It is an embodiment of an Online Tailor Shop. It gives you the option to customize minute details such as cuffs, collars, button positioning thereby creating perfect outputs ranging from Custom tailored shirts, trousers, suits. Bespoke tailoring is no longer an expensive pleasure.

However, with our new softwares and solutions, we help people create their imagination. With a variety of textile patterns and designs to choose from you can create customized tailor suits and garments ranging from high end bespoke suits and classic made to measure shirts at the tailoring shop we have envisioned just for you.