StyleME - Virtual Dressing Wardrobe

StyleMe is a mix and match technology based application built on large capacitive touchscreens, allowing users to not just view apparels, but also select, mix and match , and virtually drape them to establish their unique identity through an equally unique ensemble. Designed on augmented reality principles ,style me is an innovative solution revolutionizing the textile and fashion industry.

StyleMe is an advance technology application that enables customers to drape different garments, accessories on a mannequin that will enable them to take the right decision for shopping. For shopping one needs time and visualization so that he/she can take the right decision. Many a time we also find people getting confused with what to buy and how will it look on them. In order to overcome these issues and make shopping quite a fun Textronics has launched “StyleME”. Its an application based on mix and match technology that is convenient for shoppers as well as retailers. It provides a customer engagement platform that allows them to easily browse latest and in store available stock, mix and match garments, accessories and even share it through social media. Its a virtual dressing wardrobe that enables a faster shopping technique with number of facilities without wasting time. A retail innovation that improves sales and takes retailing to another level. It provides facility to create a user profile that will maintain the purchase history of each and every user, facility to mail purchse details to each user, facility to allow shoppers to share fashion trends with their friends, family through Face book and more. A world of 3D Virtual Fashion is reaching its way in both in-store and online platforms, retailers should be a part of this and give anew direction to their retailing business. StyleMe engages your customers in 3 levels. The first level is “Mix & Match”, this allows shoppers to select a model either men or women as per their choice and view relative product category instantly. Selecting any of the garment and accessory will drape it on the mannequin thereby giving your customers a perfect idea of style and combination. The virtual draping tool enables draping of items on the mannequins after the other. It also maintains the image ordering thereby draping items in proper sequence. Shoppers can take informed decision for buying without even wasting time in trial room. We provide a rich product visualization that displays true to life effect and provides a better sense of visualization. The second level is “ IN STORE” . This option will engage customers to view other products that are present in store. Be it dresses, trousers, shirts, sunglasses, watches, other brands and more, the shopper can view and choose from a list of items. Details like price, quality, material used etc of each and every item present will be displayed hence adding to interactive dressing sense. The in-store stock can also be purchased by directly adding it to cart. Along with the selected garment or accessory the screen also displays list of similar search result which help shoppers to view more and more trends in lesser time. It provides a virtual style sense , inspires shoppers with the style and look, allows them to discover whats more in your store and makes them visit your store again and again. The third level takes your customer to view the “ BEST SELLERS”. The products that are mostly sold, or are in trend with the present season will be displayed on the screen. This enables shoppers to get an idea of the latest fashion trend that is running in the world. Retailers can even assure shoppers with the up-coming products that will be launched in store soon. This will create potential customer and will thus increase your recognition in the fashion sector. With StyleMe you can engage your customers in store as well as on web, enter into e-commerce platform by our online dressing room, that will allow your users to shop from home or anywhere. This virtual clothing facility will allow more user to visit your site, increase sales and mark your presence in the e-commerce world. As shopping is getting digital its time that retailers become a part of virtual clothing and reach people globally.

Choose Model


Select models either from men or women section that will match your personality helping you to make a perfect buying decision.

This will make shoppers comfortably select garments as per their gender. This will improve their visualization and would make them easily realize about their appearance and look with a particular garment or accessory.

Select Clothes


Be fashion forward, up-to-date with the newest trends and collections, and make a unique style statement .Pick, match, drape, and share your distinctive fashion statement.

This option will allow users to select variety of clothes from different categories, watch it virtually draped on the mannequin and get a proper visualization. It acts as a virtual changing room that enables user to mix and match various garments without physically wearing them.

Select Accesories


Pick , choose , mix and match accessories from a wide range that will suit your garments and your personality.

Different accessories like shoes, watches, bags etc can be made available so that user gets a proper idea of the best combination with the selected garments. Its a virtual mirror that adds to a proper buying decision without wasting much of time.


Visualize !!!

Effectively bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds of fashion, Style Me helps you virtually visualize textiles and apparels, and facilitates your buying decisions. Experience a rich product visualization.

With rich product visualization , we deliver unparalleled shopping experience to users. Be it any product we provide rich visual experience that develops an improved shopping sense among the users. Visualizing multiple products in lesser time engages customers and improves sales growth.


Consumer Advantage
Be fashion forward, up-to-date with the newest trends and collections, and make a unique style statement. Effectively bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds of fashion, Dressing Room helps you virtually visualize textiles and apparels, and facilitates your buying decisions. Pick, match, drape, and share your distinctive fashion statement – all this without leaving your home, and for free!

Retailer Advantage
Deliver an unparalleled shopping experience to your customers with StyleME. With this virtual tool, you can achieve enhanced customer engagement, and give them the unique privilege of trying apparels and textile fabrics virtually before buying them. Enthrall your customers by allowing them to virtually drape apparels and fabrics to make smart buying decisions.


Rich product visual experience
• Enhanced customer engagement, increased sales
• Cost-effective time-based packages
• Cloud database technology, unlimited products catalog
• High-level customization and branding of e-Catalog
• Shortest integration time – in just few hours and not months
• Maximum product trail facility in less time
• Powerful backend admin panel to help you fully maintain without external help
• Social sharing, review-and-rate features

In Store Retail technology with Virtual Style Sense

A new edge shopping experience to customers with a technology so new , so innovative that it simply travels from the real world to the world of virtual reality. Yes! it is true that the future of shopping is a virtual changing room. Mix & Match garments, accessories, buy directly from the system,set your own style and save time from the long queue outside the trial room. A virtual mirror that acts as a style guide enables shoppers to visualize the garment appearance and fit thereby making a proper buying decision. Not restricted to in-store shopping but we have online dressing room solution that will expand the retailing business in the e-commerce fields by allowing shoppers to shop online anywhere, anytime.

With the modern age shopping, retailers can provide an interactive dressing experience to their customers. Be it a wedding, a meeting or casual visits now shopping has no barrier. Become a fashion icon, be a trend setter. Mix and match variety of garments and accessories on the mannequins , decide what will look the best and confirm your buying decisions. With the virtual draping tool technique shoppers can virtually drape any kind outfit without any hesitation and create their own virtual dressing wardrobe. This virtual shopping technology will increase customer engagement, thereby improving sales!