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Web Solution

Web Solution

Our Web Solutions offer a gamut of tools and features that are designed to help you boost sales and thereby enhance revenue generation.

Design Archive

Design Archive

Online library of thousands of fabric designs. A virtual design database to upload,store, search,retrieve & publish fabric concepts.

iOs App

iOS App

The designer’s desk on your mobile device...
Empowering you to easily Create, Refer, Archive and Download Collections....

3D Iamge Gallery

3D Image Gallery

Textronics extends texture mapping tools and services for final presentation of your products to create realistic presentations with endless possibilities


Solutions Offered

Web Solutions
Design Management
Android & iOS App

E-commerce Textile solutions with rich 3D visualization of garments, beds,bespoke tailoring

A virtual design database to search thousand of textile designs. We also provide an exhaustive library of screen authored images along with texture mapping services that enables draping of variety of fabric designs.

Augmented reality solutions enabling virtual draping of garments and accessories that will revolutionize the Textiles, E-commerce and Retail industry. A virtual dressing room that allows shoppers to virtually try on various clothes without physically wearing them.