Dobby Lite - Design On The Go!!!

The designer’s desk on your mobile device...
Empowering you to easily Create, Refer, Archive and Download Collections....
Enhance design to meet buyer approval and maximise business.

Why restrict yourself to work only in offices???. Now work as you travel. Presenting Dobby Lite the best iOS and Android app for textile designing that enables us to create designs anytime, anywhere. Simply carry your i-pad or i-phone, download Dobby lite app from the app store and give your creativity a new direction. Let it be a technical visit, an exhibition or travel, why worry??? Instantly create Dobby Woven designs and improve your sales. This innovative app with fantastic features will fulfill the requirements of all the users right from creative and stylish designers to strong production house. The simple yet powerful iOS and Android app for textiles gets downloaded in just few steps. As Textronics has always developed applications that would bring ease and comfort to its users, Dobby Lite is one such app that would revolutionize the textile designing firm. It includes a library of 50 different weaves that can be added in the design with a just a single tap. Moreover it provides different types of fancy yarns like linen, melange, mouline, seer sucker, flannel etc. Not only this but the app provides the facility to generate technical sheet that can be easily mailed to the production house and even to your clients. Just like any other dobby weaving software , this app provides all the features required for the fabric designing process with an additional facility that the user is can work anytime, any where.

Create Fabric


Simulate true to life fabrics combining patterns with weaves and yarn effects - Melanges, Seer sucker, Linen,satins, dobby. Change patterns, Resize, manage Yarn counts, Constructions etc to fine tune designs for instant approvals during customer meets.

A designing app is considered to be the best if it deals with actual fabric simulations. A good simulation will display the yarn interlacement ,yarn effects and all other factors that would display actual fabric look. With more than 20 years of experience in CAD software and CAD simulation , Textronics has developed this app that displays the best quality of yarn dyed simulation thereby maintaining the designing standards. Enter construction details like fabric width, ends/inch,picks/inch , select weaves, select color shades from the latest pantone color palettes, enter pattern and view designs. It also provides the facility to change the yarn count, modify design patterns , print and mail these creations as many as you want. No doubt with such great features Dobby Lite is surely considered to be the best iOS and Android app.

Manage Collections


Search, collate designs as per customer, season, style… and download them as collections. Open and manage presentations for efficient and easy working.

Not only designers but this app is suitable for the people from the marketing and sales field. All the latest created dobby woven fabric designs can be stored in a collection that can be managed easily. Create and store fabric designs on the basis of mood boards, fresh seasonal colors, styles and other categories. Latest and important designs can be sorted out in one collection and can be presented easily to clients without any confusion. One can easily maintain records of the created designs.

Stay Connected


Dobby lite is integrated with Archive and allows seamless working on your design across all platforms – Desktop, Mobile, Tablets. Sales Team on the move can access designs created by the Creative Team, Production.

This feature is specially created for the people related to the sales and marketing department. Be anywhere in the world and use any device like an i-phone , other smart phones, tablets or i-pad or even desktops you can easily operate this app on different devices without any difficulties. The latest designs created in your office can easily be downloaded on any of these devices without actually visiting your office. Simply connect the device and download latest yarn dyed designs in just few minutes.

Communicate Designs


Your design concepts and collections
by true to life CAD Simulation.

• Standard layouts for multiple designs,
• Pinking shears, Shadow accentuate the presentation
• Swatch card with waterfall effect

Apart from design creation and collection management the next important thing is design presentation. Keeping this in mind the application offers another feature which is the design presentation. Designers spend most of their time in presenting their designs in different layout, then printing them on paper and sending it to the clients. Do not waste time..... Create designs , tap on the layout options and select one of the creative layouts from the list and present it on a paper or you can even mail it across. One of the most used layout in the app is the water fall layout that manages designs one below the other and displays the design details next to the swatch.

Dobby Lite Concept

1. While in a travel can draw designs.
2. Immediate convert idea in real designs anywhere.
3. Easy to create textile designs even for beginners.
4. Easy to edit existing designs or colorways in front of buyer for instant approval.
5. Easy to mail designs to buyer for approval.
6. View designs with different weaves for appropriate look.
7. View designs with different texture and yarn effect for real fabric look.

Dobby Lite Apps

• iOS
• Android
• Mobile Devices
• Google Nexus
• iPAD
• Tablets

The best iOS app for textile designing brings the designer's desk on mobile device.

Ease of textile designing is the dobby lite’s sole focus. This app allows creation of yarn dyed fabrics and dobby woven fabrics with effective feature of portability, enabling the designer to focus his ideas and put it in perspective wherever he is, whenever he wants.

Dobby lite comprises of woven fabric simulations and dobby weaving. It uses this to realistically portray yarn dyed designs and fancy yarns like linen, mélange. It is the convinient use of CAD Simulation that has named it as Dobby Lite. It is being widely used by designers to have their wares ready at the go.