About Us

Established in 1990, Textronics Design Systems is a leading software solutions provider, facilitating businesses in the textile designing industry gain a significant competitive edge. In the ever-changing fashion landscape, we help our clients achieve high responsiveness to market dynamics and quick time-to-market, thereby enabling an unmatched end-user experience.

We provide a comprehensive range of CAD and CAM solutions to a variety of textile mills, fashion and fabric designers, garment manufacturers, retail brands, and now even tailoring studios. We have a prestigious clientele across India, Europe, Turkey, Latin American, China, Indonesia and Thailand. Some of our elite clientele include Zodiac, SKNL, C & A, Getzner, Anteks, Century, Morarjee, Alok Industries, Madura, among others.

With the advent of the Technology Era, where consumers going digital are demanding more and more from service providers, new challenges have arisen to attract, engage and retain customers. To help our clients seamlessly address such challenges, we have developed a range of NextGen solutions that would bring a transformation in textile and fashion e-commerce sectors.

Armed with over two decades of domain experience and technology expertise, Textronics brings cutting-edge solutions based on web technology to equip businesses in textile design industry with new-age tools:

1. Tailor I.   2. StyleME.   3. TryON   4. Web Showroom.   5. Design Archive.  6. Dobby Lite.

Our Web Solutions offer a gamut of tools and features that would help you provide a unique shopping experience to your customers, thereby increasing conversion, engagement and retention. These solutions are designed to help you boost sales and thereby enhance revenue generation..



At Textronics, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, supporting the development of innovative solutions. We are equipped with high-end server systems, most advanced networking equipment and abundant bandwidth resources, ensuring unmatched speed and connectivity.

Our infrastructure is secured both physically and virtually to ensure robust confidentiality of critical data and information. With a well-connected communication system and highly experienced team, we guide you throughout project development.

Our Team

Our teams are a blend of seasoned experts from the textile industry and top-drawer programming professionals. Together we achieve an efficient cost-quality matrix that sets us apart from our competitors worldwide.

We have received several accolades for our work in software development, technical support, system architecture, and textile verticals. Our teams have expertise across platforms such as Visual C++, Silverlight, Entity, MS SQL, etc. for developing cutting-edge fabric design software.

Our Management Team

Our management team has extensive experience, right from shop floor-level to design, production and marketing.

Sanjeev Arora (Founder, CEO)
Sanjeev spearheads the organization to become the leading design software company. He visualizes the development of futuristic products and services, for the new-age market.

Mahesh Panchal / Kapil Satam (Chief Technology Officer)
Mahesh Panchal / Kapil Satam heads the R & D team of software developers and technical support. He has expertise in creating intuitive application design and user interface. He is instrumental in developing and delivering world-class products.

Shaikh Asif (Marketing Head)
With over 10 years of experience in marketing CAD systems, Shaikh leads the establishment of new markets to ensure a global footprint.