3D Image Library - Offering Services For 3D Fabric Mapping

Textronics supports its prestigious customers by enabling great visualization tools for rich presentation of their products. For example a shirting fabric can be mapped onto a model wearing a shirt, such a visual would create the ultimate experience regarding the products final usage

Based on customer's day to day working we provide online texture mapping service that would add value to the clients profile. We do believe in complete customer satisfaction and therefore offer them a unique user id and password that will include complete profile details right from the subscriptions purchased to the services used. We offer 4 different options for 3D fabric mapping that would help to standardize the level of project. Easily download and upload images, fabric swatches and start working on presentations easily. We invite each and everyone to become a part of our image gallery and step into the world of rich 3D visualization. This will surely prove to be the right solution for an organization. Let it be any product, any theme we offer the best.
Services offered

Texture mapping service
Made to measure
3D Stock Images
Custom 3D images
Texture Mapping


Sales Conferences, Customer meets, Exhibitions require massive amount of Designs, expressing concepts on swatch cards is not the best of ideas. Now you can simply breathe life into your design presentation by invoking our Texture mapping services.

Experience the benefits of virtual presentations with Texture Mapping services . Choose from a wide range of images present in the library and get it mapped with the fabric designs of your choice. Texture Mapping option will improve sales presentations and allow clients to visualize new combinations. Upload scanned fabric swatches against any 3D picture from the library, enter the mapping requirements and get ready mapped images in just few days. Now easily present photo realistic quality of the products be it garments, furnishings, wallpaper, models carpets and lots more in just few steps.
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Made-to-Measure Images


Multiple Collars, Cuffs, Placket, Pockets, etc can be texture mapped with all the available fabrics and maintained in configurator. Custom Shirts, Suits, etc can be created and visualised by combining the various mapped elements enabling Online Tailor Store, and E-Commerce.
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Create your own online tailor store using our made to measure services. Get all the garment elements Texture Mapped with different fabric designs and contrast options. Send us designs and get it mapped on particular garment elements like cuffs, collars, lapels, plackets etc. Let customers be a part of this online facility and enable them to customize shirts, suits, trousers and many other products instantly. Be a part of custom shirts and suits and mark your presence in the world of 3D virtual draping thereby improving sales and market presence. We at Textronics do provide default mannequins for products like shirts, suits, trousers,polo etc. with multiple garment elements and configurator with other customizable options required for their online tailor store. Our clients can easily work with the default models and elements or can send us images of their choice.

3D Stock Images

3D Stock

Textronics offers an exhaustive library of screen authored Images, ready for mapping your fabrics on Garments, Beds to create fascinating presentations.
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Over thousands of 3D stock images now at a click . Search variety of pictures and download it for your creative work. Users can now download latest stock and create their own 3D image library. No more mailing any requirements simply register yourself ,become a member and buy all new package of creative stock. We rate these stock on the basis of the picture quality, look, texture and screen authored area. User can download them on subscription basis and create fascinating presentations. These are screen authored images that can be stored in our 3D software and can be texture mapped on various fabric designs and combinations of user's choice. We offer an endless set of 3D images for texture mapping.

Custom Images

Custom Images

You can submit your images and we shall do the Screen Authoring and prepare the image for mapping.
Note : Picture / Images should be of good digital quality with adequate light and shadow. The image should be of white or light shade fabric.
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Let it be a bed, a model or even an apple, we provide online texture mapping facility for each and every image. Custom image services will provide rich 3D visualizations that will enhance the beauty of your product. With the use of custom images time and cash included in inspecting mockups and arrangement of presentations are extensively decreased. Be it for a presentation, a meeting, a portfolio or even an advertise with custom image services one can create his/her own collection. Send us any images of your choice but make sure the images sent are of high resolution, light color and good quality. We shall map the images with wonderful fabric designs and combinations thereby providing a rich 3D visualization. These surface mapped pictures will make your business group and clients acknowledge the attractiveness of your ideas.

Screen authored images provide customisation and enhance Online texture mapping services.

With the help of professional photographic images of models and grid origination, we create 3d stock images that can then be viewed and downloaded from our 3d library. These images are then suitably created for the client to conduct presentations by the feature of texture draping wherein the images sent by the user along with their fabric swatches are further draped to convey the exact look of the cloth on object during client communications.

The Image gallery is a collection of images that represent various facets of textile design and creation such as custom shirts and suits, seasonal collection. Predetermined images of models are used for draping with 3d mapping. The texture mapping services give the user an option to provide fabric swatches that are then draped on various entities like models, furniture, curtains etc. so that the a clear visualisation is obtained for the client’s use in presentations.